About us

Holland Jersey Food Company was founded back in 2015 by Peter van Dronkelaar and Harald Hoffmann. Peter and Harald are both dairy professionals with a lot of years of experience in the Dutch agriculture industry. Whilst researching into trends within the Dutch dairy industry, they decided that things had become very one sided. Same cows, same prices, same blue cartons. They wanted to do something more creative and innovative so decided to invest in a completely different route using different cows, different milk and a different business model altogether.


“Holland is known all over the world for its knowledge about milk. Our market is efficient but lacking in diversity. Everywhere you look, you see the same milk in similar looking cartons. On top of this, the current business model is no longer working. We had the idea that it can all be done differently and better for everyone involved – from the farmers and milk drinkers to the cows themselves. By introducing Jersey cows and Jersey milk, we’ve created a better model for the farmers with a realistic milk price and dairy products with unique qualities. You can compare Holland Jersey with craft beer. The taste is different, the process is different, and consequently, so is our packaging and our communication.”

Harald Hoffmann, founder.

Efficient and responsible

“With Holland Jersey Food Company, we want to take innovation and sustainability throughout the whole chain of our business. And that starts all with the cow. So we’re starting this project small scale, using just six farmers and 1150 cows. Jersey cows are extremely efficient. While they produce less milk than a Holstein Friesian, their milk has a higher fat and protein count. Jersey cows eats 30% less food and our pedigree cows only have a small failure percentage. Their manure is being put to good use, warming homes in the local community, and we also work with partners like Farmel and Den Eelder to make the most of the manure. We’re keen to grow, develop and innovate together with our all our farmers and partners with the idea that we can reap the benefits together.”

Peter van Dronkelaar, founder.